About the Turtles Who are we and what do we do?

We are the turtles! Stefano, freelance photographer and web designer & developer from Italy, and Andrea, a tattoo artist and illustrator from Colombia. Two very quiet “crazies” dreaming about traveling and getting to know the world.

Stefano and Andrea

We are not “without a purpose”, maybe we don’t have a very strict plan in our life, like the one society got us used to, but we know very well what we want.

With our feet on the ground, and our mind and heart focused on what we believe in, which it became our lifestyle, an option that might not be for everybody – we don’t know that, maybe someone will start to change its mind – but it’s as valid, tangible and respectable as the life of people who have a fixed job and a permanent location, our way is to be nomads.

Without filters nor prejudices and with all the sincerity of our experiences and feelings, we’ll write on our blog what will happen during our journey. We’re starting out, we aren’t experienced travellers and we’re sure that our blog and our journey – our own life – will change a lot, but you can be sure that on Follow the Turtles you will find useful tips from us about traveling, based on our experiences and errors, which we already started to commit – everything is a part of the journey – and of corse we will try to inspire you to embrace this incredible lifestyle! If this is already what you feel, but still you don’t dare to try.

When did it started?

Life had planned for us to meet in the charming and crazy city of Barcelona in March 2015, we liked each other since the beginning. In a short amount of time we felt so connected, something we still can’t understand – how two people from so different countries and cultures understand each other and fall in love so fast? –.

This is what happened, the deep connection motivated by our mutual passions made us start this journey across the world together. Now we’re traveling as a couple, as a family and we hope that more of you  will put aside fears and insecurities to start living the life you want, not the life society already prepared for us.

What about the turtles?

We travel slowly with the objective of getting to know the culture and the people that live in the countries we visit, things like local food, clothing, languages and slang, attract us a lot. At the same time we want to know our fellow travellers to share knowledges and experiences with them.

Our travel philosophy is all about travelling slowly.

We’re definitely like turtles, slow and wise animals which patiently can cover huge distances. The perfect traveler in the animal kingdom.

How do we earn money while traveling?

One of the reasons why we travel slowly is to take our time to remotely run our online and offline businesses. We’re gonna write more about this in future.

Our daily jobs involves web design and development, photography, illustration, and graphic and textile design. On top of that Andrea is a tattoo artist and, whenever possible, she can collaborate with tattoo parlors and attend tattoo conventions. Contact us if you want a tattoo and you happen to be on our path!


What now?

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