“The Latin American Adventure”

Over a 2 to 3 year time span we are planning to travel across Latin America and explore this wonderful region, this is going to be our “Latin American Adventure”.

We will start from Bogotá, Colombia, going down along the west part of the South American continent until Ushuaia, in Argentina, from where we will start going up again on the eastern side to eventually reach Mexico and finally end up in the Caribbean Sea.

Our travel philosophy is all about travelling slowly, which means we are going to spend from a few days to several weeks in each place we visit, with the aim of getting to know the people who live in these countries and their culture as well as our fellow travellers. One of our goals is also to discover the most secluded places each country has to offer.

Our travel plan is like an “open book”, so if you have any suggestions about a specific place we should visit, feel free to write us. We will be eternally grateful and very happy to read and reply to all of your messages.

The photo books

At the end of the trip we will be publishing a small soft cover photo album for each country we visited with the most evocative photo shots we took, and a big hardcover photo book to showcase the entire trip and inspire other people to embrace a nomadic lifestyle.

Who are we?

We are two humans like you, a couple, citizens of the world by choice, Stefano and Andrea, with a dream and a purpose in life. Our dream: to travel the world, no more and no less, our purpose: to inspire and motivate other people with the same desire, but at the same time with something, an excuse, that won’t let them go.

Stefano (31, from Italy), a freelance photographer and web designer & developer, and Andrea (24, from Colombia), a tattoo artist and illustrator. We met in Barcelona in March 2015, and we liked each other since the beginning. In a short period of time we became really fond of each other, something we still can’t explain, and we started a relationship that changed our life.

Part of the mission of this journey has already been accomplished even before starting it, in fact Andrea has been inspired by Stefano to join the project – which originally was a solo journey – and decided to take part in this adventure across Latin America. Now we are gonna travel as a couple and we hope more people will put aside their fears and insecurities to start living the life they want, not the life that other people already prepared for them. Learn more in our About the Turtles page.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign: Richard Marazzi, Cesare Lancini, Vithush Rajah, Flavio Bonaretti, Marco Albano and Gemma Gamarra, Giovanni Ferron, Andrea Tolve, Filippo Bonino, Giacomo Pirisi, Massimo Michi, Markus Sotto Corona, Simone Pignatelli, Laura Leon, Laura Hesse, Aida and  Giuseppe Masi, Alessio Albano, Nat Ryall, Mark Karimov.

You will receive your perks soon(ish) or short after the end of the trip.

Stefano and Andrea

Thank you!

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